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Update On The Missing Half

Ever since I proposed writing The Missing Half to the team I've wanted it to be absolutely perfect. It's the first horror experience for us, and as a huge horror fan I didn't want to let anyone down.

The book has constantly undergone behind the scenes work for at least a year. Most recently we decided to change art design a tad bit, giving Storm (the main character) a different manga style look to her. Story wise we've been getting ahead and cementing where the books will lead, along with making it flow better with more detail. This will be the first major release by Tribe with a full 32 pages!

However with this book having a heavy eye for detail, it appears the first issue is not going to make it to our October release window. Cypress #3 will be taking its place, and we cooked up a special prequel book called The Missing Half: Anthology, which explores the different ways the ghosts of the series can take control of characters. This book is complete and ready to go, and we will have special bundle deals for you to grab The Missing Half #1 with it!

Stick around as I'll have more details on The Missing Half Anthology real soon, along with some updates for Cypress #3, and a way to grab #1 and #2 in a new way!

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